Change the World with_Young Campaigners?

During exploration of campaign videos, we were asked to consider what the campaign approach was and what actors were involved. So memorable was the approach using children in the anti-smoking campaign created by Ogilvy & Mather Advertising that I wonder can we change the world with.....young campaigners? Youth as campaign leaders The video above demonstrates children as … Continue reading Change the World with_Young Campaigners?

Change the World with_Selfies?

It was more than a decade ago when the 'selfie' phenomenon came into affect, contributing to the online-centric world we live in today. What I find most fascinating is how much selfies expose human behaviour and interest (natural undercover work) with positive and negative affects.  It got me thinking, can the 'Selfie' help or hinder campaigning? Selfies have led to … Continue reading Change the World with_Selfies?

Change the World with _Boycotts & Bans?

A boycott is a means of withdrawing from commercial or social relations with a country, organisation, or a punishment, protest, means of intimidation or coercion. It is a form of organised, non-violent action which can have significant economic and social impact. It got me thinking, to what extent are boycotts and bans a resourceful way to … Continue reading Change the World with _Boycotts & Bans?

Change the world with _ Virtual Reality?

In September, I attended the First Human Behaviour Change for Animal Welfare conference. Animal Equality, the first animal protection group to transport people inside factory farms and slaughterhouses using virtual reality technology, presented their innovative product. Over three days, I never participated. If the viewer knows the immersion is 'real' and negative it got me thinking, can … Continue reading Change the world with _ Virtual Reality?